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Just Added (6/16/09)
Christine and Kermit's 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo's - June 13th, 2009 in Staten Island
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Helen and David Wedding Photo's - May 30th, 2009 in Arizona

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Polar Bear Plunge 2009 & Polar Bear Plunge 2009 with music...
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Polar Bear Plunge 2008 Video (Whole Video) - may take longer to view...
*  Family - Jim & Angela - Emily Pledge / Emily Singing and Dancing to Hannah Montana (Videos)
*  Family - Jim & Angela - Emily and Cody singing "Jesus loves me" in church... (Videos)
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*  Family - Jim & Angela - Emily Church 5/11/08 & 11/11/07 (Videos)
Click here for the NEW Polar Bear Plunge 2008 Video
*  Family - Jim & Angela - Emily's 4th Birthday (Photos)


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